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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Inlay progress, at least some

I read, just the other day, a thread about inlays on a forum concerning ukulele building. One of the posters mentioned all pearl bits should be oriented in such a way they all flash at once when light hits the instrument. 


I'll find some comfort in the fact this fretboard will flash all the time since the pearl bits are oriented in one way each. And that's a good thing right, a flashy uke. 

(I did try to make the letters as one piece jobs but quickly gave up.)

Now I have gathered some speed and experience so here's how I do it. First a rough trace of the piece needed. In this case with two curves I'll make the inner one first. 

Starting with the saw, it doesn't show in the pic but it's a great saw from Knew Concepts. I need to find better blades for it though. 

When the piece is sort of finished some adjustments are made to the cavity. I use my smallest chisels and even one I made from a miniature screwdriver. 

When the piece goes into the cavity without too much force I add the glue. This glue is medium viscosity but it's still thin enough to wick its way around and under the pearl piece. 

And the wooden inlay for Kris, compared to working with pearl it's a piece of cake. 

Next week I'll be in South America so I'll make an effort to do more on this tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The slowness of something very very slow

Sorry Mike, Andy, John and Mysterious client buying for the wife - I'm about to slit some fretboards but really need to finish inlaying two of them. Takes forever. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back glued on Argapa 100

After fitting the back braces to the sides I grind away at the body with my radius dish. It looks rather threatening compared to the tiny uke shell, but its weight really helps. 

Then, with a suitable insert undee the neck at the nut end, I get screws and cauls out. 

Then clamping the back down with the screws and wingnuts. Now would be a great time to link to the posts with the radius dish and the screw system, and I'll try to do that on the computer later. 

Since my solera is by the wall I check for an even squeeze out with a mirror. It looked perfect.